The Strongwell Group was established in early 1991. Since that time we have striven for technological advancement in precision metal mechanical parts, especially the casting
of steel, iron, bronze and aluminum components. These days, we've built not only a solid reputation and capability for precision mechanical parts, but we've established a number of subsidiary companies specializing in spinnerets, micro drills, and automobile lamps.
The Strongwell Group provides its customers with products of the highest quality including consistently accurate OEM and ODM components. Our corporate objective is to achieve the most advanced metal parts manufacturing technology as well as defect free product supply while meeting internationally recognized quality system requirements. We believe in doing our job right the first time. Whether we're working with our clients in the Middle East, South East Asia, North Africa, China, Europe, or the United States, the Strongwell Group has always adopted a customer focused approach combined with a global service network.


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  Strongwell Precision Industrial Ltd.
52 Gouxin Road, Shengang Dist., Taichung 42952, Taiwan
Tel:+886-4-24752346 Fax:+886-4-24752343
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