Micro Drills for PCB
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Company Profile

Strongwell has over 40 years experience manufacturing micro drill bits, reamers, end mills as well as various cutting tools on spinnerets.  With such enormous experience we extended our business to both standard and custom various printed circuit boards machining.  By combining precision with innovation, Strongwell offers totally unique custom product options. Using the latest technology and unique equipment from Switzerland and self -develop, Strongwell meets the most demanding customer requirements, reliably and efficiently. Certified ISO9002, Strongwell incorporates the most precise inspecting equipment available to assure consistent quality. Furthermore, Strongwell is a large volume manufacturer and can offer the most competitive pricing.

Strongwell micro drill bits division is part of the 100% Taiwan owned Strongwell Group that has a proud history of extreme precision parts production in numerous markets. Our global network of facilities is managed to reflect the same commitment to quality made to our domestic markets. Future growth at Strongwell will be built on the same type of lasting customer partnerships that is our foundation.

Factory Information
Land Size: 60,000 Square Meters
Floor Space: 30,000 Square Meters
Employees: 170
Capital: US$ 12,500,000.00
Total investment: US$ 30,000,000.00
Main Equipment
Center less Grinder: 14 sets
CNC Wheel Dressing Machine: 4 sets
CNC Drill Grinder: 78 sets
CNC Flute Forming Machine: 87 sets
Drill pointer: 53 sets
Rollermatic automatic Grinder 40 sets
Main Measuring Equipment
Tokyo Koden Non-Contact Automatic Drill Diameter Measuring Machine: 27sets
AOI Fully Automatic Testing Instrument: 4 sets
Mitutoyo Micro Scope: 25 sets
  Strongwell Precision Industrial Ltd.
52 Gouxin Road, Shengang Dist., Taichung 42952, Taiwan
Tel:+886-4-24752346 Fax:+886-4-24752343
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