Micro Drills for PCB
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  In House equipment developing

We strongly believe that precise specialized machines produce the best quality product with lowest possible production cost. For this reason we decided to develop special purpose machinery in house. To ensure the success of this project, our engineering team, machining technician, machine assembly technician and operators team worked together to work through prototypes to prove our goals.

Within the improving of our engineering, we established our own equipment R&D department to design and manufacture machinery that increases our competitiveness significantly. Combining with our very cost effective and efficient maintenance system, we can ensure our competitiveness standing still in the market.

  Equipments manufacture in house
  80 percent of the machine used for the production of carbide drills are designed and built in house.
Manufacturing Improving and Customer needs developing
Years of experience give us have the ability to do R&D to improve our manufacturing process. It increases our efficiency and decreases the processing time. As our experience accumulated on our production line, we are also capable of developing new products in house.  Customer needs are changing. Strongwell responds with creation and continuing improvement. To offer quick and accurate support on new material boards machining as well as non-standard cutting and drilling tools, our R&D department equipped with modern, state-of-the-art, ultra precise, and unique machinery and software.

The market of customized products is growing. We work with our customers to design and produce router bits and drill bits under your request.  We have the ability to develop special products with very high accuracy. Combined with our very responsive engineering team, this allows us to have the capability to answer your request in a very timely manner and to make customized products with the highest standard in the industry.

In order to maintain the quality, stability and improve our efficiency, we brought in the specialized software and equipment design based on the parametesr of micro drill bit. This system lets us have the ability to refit our grinding wheel with one step forming.
Our engineering team that specializes in design and processing all customized products has years of experiences to work with major corporations across the Asia Pacific region, especially the companies located in Taiwan and Mainland China.


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