Micro Drills for PCB
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Main Products
Micro Drill Bits: Φ0.08~Φ3.175
Large Drill Bits: Φ3.20~Φ6.50
Router Bits : Φ0.60~Φ3.175
Slot Drill Bits : Φ0.50~Φ2.00
  The average monthly production of our production line is 3.5 million pieces of micro drills, 150 thousands pieces of large drills, and 10 thousands pieces of routers in recent years.
  Production Flow Chart
  Production line in House: High Volume, Low Mix.
  With our self-manufacture equipments, we are able to do the massive production and maintain high quality low cost and on time delivery.
  Rollomatic Production Line: Low Volume, High Mix.


  Strongwell Precision Industrial Ltd.
52 Gouxin Road, Shengang Dist., Taichung 42952, Taiwan
Tel:+886-4-24752346 Fax:+886-4-24752343
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