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Strongwell group has excellent experience in supplying machine parts and components to industries such as Defense, Machine Tools, Printing Machines, Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Various Industrial Machines, Automotive, Pneumatic Tools/Equipment, Hydraulic Machines/ Equipment, Transmission Parts and also Solar, Wind, and Nuclear Energy components.

have total of 3 factories located in Taiwan and China. Each factory has her core technology and knows how to supply to their targeted industries, while all of them are well connected and strategically share their capacities and knowledge with each entity in the group network.

Our factories are equipped with 70+ state of the art CNC Machining Centers and 5-Face Machining Centers. The largest machining capacity is 14000x5700x2600mm. We have a continuing program to upgrade our manufacturing facilities with the most modern machines available in order to provide our customers the best product with low cost.

Our associated foundry has extensive experience and has 2000 tons capacity per month for Gray Cast Iron and Ductile Iron. We cooperate with other Aluminum, Bronze and Steel foundries to ensure we can supply all material requirements for our customers. In most cases, the prototype casting turnaround time is within one month upon order confirmation.

Strongwell is equipped with multiple Coordinate Measuring Machines and various modern inspection facilities to monitor our production quality from material pouring to the final finish machining. Consistent high quality performance is the corporate objective that we proudly adhere to.


  Strongwell Precision Industrial Ltd.
52 Gouxin Road, Shengang Dist., Taichung 42952, Taiwan
Tel:+886-4-24752346 Fax:+886-4-24752343
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